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Relevant Qualifications for Electricians

By: Elaine Everest - Updated: 15 Oct 2012 | comments*Discuss
Relevant Qualifications For Electricians

When employing an electrician for your electrical repair business you must make sure that he or she is suitably qualified. Remember that these people are going into homes and if they do not know what they are doing they could well endanger people’s lives.

Suitably Qualified

An electrician as part of his job will have to install or repair electrical circuits in homes and business premises. They may work in domestic situations or on large building developments. Part of the job would include being able to read plans issued by architects and designers and turning the plans into safe electrical circuits, fitting sockets, electrical appliances, terminals, fuse boxes and much more.

Electrical Works Certificate

All electrical work has to be passed by building controls. This is done by a certified electrician who inspects the work if done by other people and issues a ‘type P building control certificate. At present this is called a 17th edition IEE wiring regulation (2382) and the number is updated as and when there are changes to the building control rules. Adding to their knowledge and updating qualifications is all part of becoming a certified electrician.

Training and Apprenticeships

Like television engineers many electrician would in the past have been time served apprentices but as times have changed they would now be trainees with a company and attend day release to get their qualifications whilst working as a mate to an electrician on site or in domestic situations. Sometimes young trainees will attend college to obtain their basic qualifications before going onto a work site although the industry regulating bodies prefer that trainees obtain a work placement with an electrical company or contractor as soon after starting their courses as possible. Trainees must train and get their qualifications in Electro Technical Services NVQ 3 2356 awarded by the City & Guilds board.

Older Workers

Currently there are many older people training to work as an electrician. They would train slightly differently to apprentices and trainees and would study to obtain the City and Guilds 2330 technical certificate in electro technical technology levels 2 and 3. This can be done at college or through one of the many training centres being set up to cover the interest in the trade at this time.

Proof of Qualifications

Never employ an electrician for your business without asking to see proof of his or her qualifications. Although the electrician can be proficient in their job your company will become liable if a mistake is found or man accident occurs and you are seen to be employing electrician without suitable qualifications. If an electrician trained overseas he or she must also register with the electro technical Card Scheme (ETS) and Pass the ETS Health and Safety Scheme, complete City and Guilds part 17 certificate and contact UK Naric to see if you have suitable qualifications to work in the UK.

Part P Building Regulations

There is some confusion over the part P Building Regulations certificate but basically if work is done in household electrics then a certificate must be supplied by a certified contractor or a building inspector. If you wish to issue certificates yourself you must have trained and hold the City and Guilds 2382 17th edition certificate and be prepared to train and update when necessary.

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